Single Wafer Platform

Triton Single Wafer Platform

Triton Single Wafer Platform

From its inception to the first delivery in 2013, the Triton platform was designed to be a stable but modular workhorse for all single-wafer wet-processes.

The modular build of our tools enables our customer to configure the tool for a mass-production single-process tool as well as a swiss-army knife R&D or prototyping tool – without affecting performance or reliability.


Within the modular frame-work, we keep innovating the platform.

Our customers can choose to equip their tool with the High-Speed Plating System in favor of a traditional fountain plater, or with an upper chamber that allows pre-wetting as well as a final rinse/dry above the plating chamber without needing a robot move.


We provide our customers with the most flexibility. Tools can be made ready to support additional chambers and/or tanks, so it will grow with your process needs. Our modular thinking makes it possible that newly developed chambers can be added to existing tools with space for expansion, future-proofing our customer’s investment.

Triton Customer Added Values

  • Excellent speed and quality track record
  • Custome- and future-proof
  • Highly innovized to our customer’s needs
  • Possibility of processing more than one substrate size per chamber with minimal or no reconfiguration
  • Modular platform
  • Upgradative new wet processes
  • Established high-throughput processing chambers

Triton Highlights

  • Processing of 3” to 450 mm substrates
  • Possibility of processing two to three different substrate sizes with minimal or no reconfiguration – and no requalification of the chamber
  • Patented High-Speed Plating for better throughput and better uniformity – without changing the chemistry
  • Industry 4.0 ready – control and monitor all process parameters
  • Plating uniformity 3% or better
  • Etch uniformity 3% or better
  • Online dosing system
  • Online chemical monitoring
  • Online gas detection for safety
  • End-point detection for many etch processes



  • Cu RDL layer
  • Cu tall pillar
  • Cu Bumb
  • Cu –Ni- SnAg , Cu-SnAg
  • Cu- Ni- Au


  • UBM etch
  • E-less activation and platingResist develop
  • Resist strip
  • Lift off
  • Si etch
  • Wafer thinning
  • Damage layer removal
  • KOH etch
  • Seed layer deposition
  • Barrier layer deposition