Vertical Panel Processing

Kallisto Vertical Panel Processing

Kallisto Vertical Panel Processing

The Kallisto platform was introduced in 2016 to process panels larger than 300x300mm² in vertical chambers. Where the high -speed plating system allowed us to achieve already superior uniformity and plating speeds on single wafer substrate in a horizontal configuration, the vertical chamber is where this system truly shines.

Plating Electrolyte

Through careful and uniform injection of the plating electrolyte near the surface and the linearization of the electric field at the same time, it is the only system that makes fine line plating feasible on large / very large substrates.

Photoresist Strip/Develop and UBM etch

Knowing that plating is just one step in the whole wet process of the panel, we also offer a complete photoresist strip / developer and seed and barrier layer etch program to enable all kinds of RDL (redistribution layer) processes for your packaging needs.

Kallisto Customer Added Values

  • The ideal platform for fine-line plating on large substrates up to Gen5.1
  • Customized to our customer’s needs
  • Two substrates processed at once per chamber for higher throughput
  • Full suite of wet processes for RDL packaging applications
  • Modular platform
  • Upgrade- and future-proof
  • Highly innovative new wet processes
  • Established high-throughput processing chambers

Kallisto Highlights

  • Processing of 300x300mm² up to Gen5.1 substrates
  • Deposition of extremely uniform metal structures.
  • Patented High-Speed Plating for better throughput and better uniformity – without changing the chemistry
  • Industry 4.0 ready – control and monitor all process parameters
  • Plating uniformity 5% or better
  • Etch uniformity 5% or better
  • Online dosing system
  • Online chemical monitoring
  • Online gas detection for safety
  • Multipoint end-point detection for many etch processes



  • Cu RDL layer
  • Cu tall pillar
  • Cu Bumb
  • Cu –Ni- SnAg , Cu-SnAg
  • Cu- Ni- Au
  • Au, Cu TSV
  • Au pillar
  • In


  • Resist develop
  • Resist strip
  • Seed layer etch
  • Barrier layer etch
  • OSP
  • Cu seed e-less
  • Cleaning
  • Cu roughening

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