Since SEMSYSCOs founding in 2012, the company´s history has been one of constant process improvement. Based on plenty of experience we introduced three high-quality tool categories.

Our manufacturing facilities are run by a team of experts specialized in truly cutting edge wet process solutions. With a strong focus on the repeatability of SEMSYSCOs process results and the necessary reliability of our equipment, we are continuously pushing the boundaries in terms of efficiency and revolutionizing cost of ownership.

Another key indicator of SEMSYSCO are the strong partnerships with our suppliers, offering our customers reliability and flexibility.


In order to foster innovation and tread new paths Herbert Oetzlinger and Ray Thomson decided to found SEMSYSCO GmbH in 2012.

Focused on delivering premium quality and excellent cutting edge technology, SEMSYSCO and Fraunhofer engaged in a long-term collaboration.

To keep up the high-quality and give customers the very best support, SEMSYSCO opened a high-tech office in Singapore in 2015.


The future is tech and the next decades are forecasted to be years of growth in the semiconductor industry. SEMSYSCO intends to work on increasing the efficiency of its process, to carry on researches with the aim of reducing the amount of resources used and to focus on new developments in the industry.

Herbert Oetzlinger


Founder and Shareholder of SEMSYSCO GmbH. Herbert Oetzlinger has about 30 years experience in the semiconductor industry.

Herbert Schoeffmann


Herbert Schoeffmann has over 25 years of experience in sr. mgt functions within consumer, automotive and EMS.