Porous silicon is produced on silicon wafers using an anodizing process that creates films with controllable pore sizes ranging from angstroms to tens of microns in diameter. It has been used in applications as diverse as tyre pressure sensors to solar cell development to ophthalmic drug delivery systems. Due to silicon’s ability to be dissolved by the body, many researchers are working on biotechnology products that carry anti-cancer products directly to the tumor, or on micro dosing systems that are implantable. It is relatively simple to produce small amounts of porous silicon in the lab, however as the process uses HF acid and alcohol coupled with considerable electric current, scaling up the process to pilot line or HVM requires expertise not normally found outside of our industry.

We currently offer three variations of this tool:

:: A single wafer lab tool for round or square wafers with up to two chambers
:: A pilot line tool that has a four or six wafer tray
:: A HVM system with automation that can hold trays with up to 36 wafers/tray


:: Flexible Recipe System
:: User pre-defined recipes stored using textual names
:: Configurable multiple steps of different current levels and duration
:: Repeat loops allow easy generation of repeated layer sequences (e.g: Bragg mirrors)
:: Semi-automatic Operation
:: Handling aids remove any need to touch the wafer or electrolyte when loading and unloading
:: Cell closes and fills with electrolyte automatically
:: Electrolyte is continuously recirculated at a programmable flow rate
:: The flexible recipe system automatically modulates the etching current
:: Cell drains and opens automatically
:: Optional DI bath for manual rinsing


:: Process Specifications
:: 100% porous silicon coverage with zero edge exclusion
:: Optimum uniformity:
:: ± 5% layer thickness
:: ± 5% pore size variation
:: Current density to 400mA/cmÇ
:: Temperature control 10-30ºC ± 1ºC
:: Compatible with a range of electrolytes:
:: HF/IPA/Water (typically 1:1:1)
:: HF/Ethanol/Water (typically 1:1:1)