Quality Policy


Innovation, Experience

In collaboration with our partners from industry sectors as well as national and international research institutions, we develop innovative methods for the processing of semiconductor materials. Our focus is to increase the efficiency of these processes while reducing the amount of resources used, focusing particularly on the development of new metallic layers for the Semiconductor industry.


Customer focused effort with maximum of flexibility

Our customers’ needs and desires are the base of our product portfolio. While we continue to be in tune with market needs, we also develop specific applications, processes and solutions in close cooperation and coordination with our customers, working flexibly according to their requirements.



Our high standards are a crucial success factor within our company. Comprehensible processes, clear responsibilities and empowerment in the production cycle, allow us to ensure a smooth order process for our customers.


Environmentally conscious products

Our innovative products, with cautious chemical and water usage, stand out and thus help move the Semiconductor industry towards sustainable, environmentally oriented, and economical production.


Partnership relationship with our suppliers

We are continuously investing to develop our relationships with our suppliers in order to maintain long-lasting and sustainable partnerships. Our products require a specialized supplier expertise in engineering, design, and production. Therefore, both close cooperation and steady joint development between our company and our supplies enables Semsysco to create efficient solutions along the production process.



The production process in the semiconductor industry is investment-intensive. Expensive equipment in clean-room environments, for the mass production of semiconductor products, depends on the absolute reliability of all components involved. Damages caused by faulty processes can cause great economic losses. The reliability of the production equipment is of utmost importance, and therefore we devote much time and effort to the equipment and supplier selecting process. In order to maintain this level of reliability, our equipment constantly undergoes quality tests throughout the manufacturing process.
Prior to a final delivery to the customer, the individual components, assemblies, and the complete equipment configuration undergo a thorough inspection and test procedure. The inspection time and associated costs are taken into account during the production process and financial calculation.


Motivated employees

The management style within Semsysco is collegial yet critical and allows all members of the staff to actively participate in company decisions. Yearly Key Performance Indicators are determined and reviewed between each employee and supervisor. During these review sessions, target achievements and future improvements are openly discussed.
Each employee within the organization has his or her own prime area of leadership, which enhances the individual’s responsibilities and self-confidence. The uninterrupted effort to improve the company-wide culture and know-how requires constant internal and external training exercises. The positive climate in our company is reflected in the high motivation, strong reliability, and commitment of our employees. Due to the employee culture at Semsysco, we are confident that we can meet our customers’ quality requirements in a professional and timely manner.