Software & Electrical Engineering

  • Developing our own software tailored to your process is the key enabler to Semsysco Process Solutions.
  • Our aim is to provide intelligent software that is not only intuitive but actively helps to optimise processes making them more reliable, more efficient and guaranteeing a save handling of hazardous chemicals protecting operators and products.
  • Full automation and seamless fabintegration is our standard.

Key Attributes

  • Reliable
  • modular
  • maintainable
  • scalable
  • robust
  • extendible
  • portable
  • reusable
  • well documented


  • PLC with IOs and motor controllers
  • Safety CPU
  • IPC with Windows based Visualisation


  • Process Control, able to finish process run in chamber independently


  • User management organized with groups and permissions
  • Lot ID based Process Data Logging
  • Advanced process parameters logging (flows, pressures, …)


  • Scalable Event-system with Alarms and user events including statistics
  • Process parameters with settable limits
  • Freely programmable and step based process programs