HW + SW + Process + Service = Semsysco Solution

About Us

Semsysco is a highly specialised supplier of Wet Process Solutions which comprise of hardware, software, process and service to cover 360° of the customer’s needs.

We innovate and manufacture semi- and fully-automated equipment for critical process steps in the Semiconductor manufacturing (WET-Technology).

Our product range covers basic, manual operating configurations up to fully robot automated equipment, configured and build based on customer specific requirements.

Semsysco’s customer base includes world leading Semiconductor manufacturers as well as celebrated research institutes. Our Sales and Service Organization expands around the Globe while we keep our Manufacturing and Engineering expertise strictly in our Headquarters located in Salzburg, Austria.


In collaboration with national and international research institutions we continuously develop methods for processing semiconductor materials.

A combination of comprehensive processes, clear responsibilities and employees with decades of experience has allowed us to build customer focused solutions, while remaining considerate of the environment. Another Key indicator of Semsysco GmbH is the strong partnership relationship we have with our suppliers, offering our customers reliability, and flexibility.